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About Us


Our story starts in 2017, when the need for Economically empowered society free from gender-based violence was realized.

We are a youth-led Nonprofit organization founded in 2017 by Ignatius Okore with the aim of developing a cohesive, resilient and economically empowered society free from gender-based violence. This was based on the high level of poverty, early/forced marriages, gender-based violence, school dropouts, early/unexpected pregnancies and Sexually transmitted diseases in Kumi District, Teso sub-region and Uganda at large.


This was also accompanied by low productivity of agriculture enterprises coupled with low and unreliable prices, limited access to finance and agriculture extension services, and unemployment among the youth and women.

Our research also indicated that poverty is the leading cause of gender-based violence in rural Uganda followed by cultural norms.

Basing on the fact that at least 80% of Uganda’s population relies on agriculture most of which is the rural population, Dr. Ignatius Okore developed the idea of using agriculture as a tool for fighting poverty in rural Uganda. This led to the formation, registration and capacity building of 5 farmer primary cooperatives, 1 Higher Level Farmer Organization and over 100 farmer groups.


Poor access to electricity, high level of deforestation was also registered in our survey which led to the introduction of our switch to clean energy campaign which has saved over 12,000 trees annually. Affordable energy products are being promoted including but not limited to improved cookstoves and solar lamps.

Our Vision

Economically empowered society free from gender-based violence

Our Mission

To build the capacity of small holder farmers, farmer groups and primary cooperatives through promotion of appropriate technologies and dissemination of information on sustainable development.

Our Theme

Promoting sustainable development”.

Our Thematic Areas

  1. Agriculture
  2. Environment
  3. Education and health
  4. Livelihoods and institutional support

Our Values

  1.  Professionalism
  2. Ethics and integrity
  3. Sustainability 
  4. Transparency and accountability

Our Team

Ignatius Okore

Founder/ Executive Director

Mary Gorretty Adong

Finance and Administration manager

Mary Gloria Asio

Head of Reproductive health

John Okali

Extension Coordinator

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